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  • May 5th 2013

    Grace Bruce – Official 2012

    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/gracebruce
    FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Grace8ruce


    High Contrast…

    April 18th 2013

    Unbelievable Wingsuit Cave Flight

    Some cool and daring stuff here! Kids don’t try…

    August 25th 2012

    Streetkings in Malaysia for the Tiger Street Football

    Tiger Street Football action is heating up the weekend…

    December 12th 2011


    Someone is doing it again… simple skill and talent…

    November 29th 2011

    Attack of La Niña Trailer HD

    MSP’s latest...

    November 29th 2011

    Lakai The Kid


    A skate trip of a 4 years old...

    October 25th 2011

    Neymar (Brazilian Football Star) vs Sean (S3) – Friendly Panna Battle

    FINALLY, here it is, the FULL REAL VIDEO in...
    October 17th 2011

    Holland Wins IBAF World Cup

    For the first time in history a European team…

    October 5th 2011


    Handel, así...


    Lenny MacNack
    Edward van Gils
    Orville "Orry" Stoc-Promes
    Mo Boutaka

    DBL Services

    • Here at DBL Sports Agency we are here to serve you. We have formed partnerships and alliances with elite companies and institutions in the entertainment, sports, legal and health fields. This facilitates access by our clients, to the best opportunities and advice possible. We want you to feel comfortable to know that there is a professional team in your corner at all times. You need to concentrate and focus your energy on what you do best and let us take care of the rest.

    • What we do:

      Athlete Marketing
      Bookings & Tours
      Consultation Services
      Event Production & Management
      Health and Nutrition Advisors
      Media and Public Relations
      Non Profit Programs
      Tax & Legal Specialists
      Travel Services

    Athlete Marketing
    • Athlete Marketing

      We are very creative to ensure that you can get some of the best deals available. We are in the business of putting you and your talent (brand) in front of the people that matter. We will use all mediums and avenues able to ensure success.

      DBL takes a big-picture approach to marketing. By focusing on the complete development of the player-brand, we allow our clients to maximize their off the court earnings.

      This is done using the Branding Process:

    • Assessing the market opportunity;

      Articulating your brand;

      Customer relationship marketing (CRM);

      Tracking performance and the value of your brand;

      Exploiting your intellectual property;

    • We like to begin with a focus on community involvement. We believe that sponsors & strategic partners are much more willing to work with individuals who are making a difference in the community. We position our clients with local organizations who focus on causes that matter to them. We then focus on PR. Our relationships with print and broadcast media allow us to help the public become more aware of our clients.

      Product Endorsements
      Speaking Engagements
      Personal Appearances
      Celebrity Tournaments

      Our clients have acquired such high-quality sponsors as: Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s, EA Sports and others.

    • Bookings

      If you are interested in Booking one of our clients or services please make contact with our sales department and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Consultation Services
    • Consultation Services

      Short and Long Term Action Planning: Short term planning is a 12 month plan to get your vision/career on a solid foundation. Long-term planning is a 1 to 3 year approach to accomplish your goals and objectives. For an introduction consultation please contact DBL Sports Agency.

    Health and Nutrition
    • Health and Nutrition

      Through our strategic partnerships with trainers, advisors and medical professionals we can assist each client in creating customized nutritional plans that are designed and implemented to ensure maximum performance on the field or court. Health and Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of any professional athlete and we take this very serious. Eating well is vital to performing well and that is directly connected to your health and and thus your image.

    Non Profit Programs
    • Non Profit Programs

      We try to support as many charitable organizations as we can. Giving is testimony to DBL’s commitment to its clients development off the court & field. Through identification and cultivation of player’s individual interest areas locally, nationally and internationally, DBL strives to integrate the benefits of creative, custom-made charitable programs with the enhanced impact of partnering with established organizations.

    Public Relations
    • Public Relations

      Through a series of conversations with the client and his/her representatives, we formulate an individual strategy that is tailored to each athletes unique talents, goals and visions. We build marketing plans that are very specific to each client. No one focuses more time, attention or energy on the individual player than DBL Sports Agency. DBL approaches public relations with a unique strategy in place for each one of our clients, based on their interests, personality and desired commitment. We have relationships with many mainstream and sports media outlets, as well as television, film and m

    Travel and Events
    • Travel and Events

      DBL Sports Agency specializes in events. From corporate hospitality to incentive management, athlete marketing and unforgettable sports trips. We offer custom packages featuring some of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, we can provide five-star entertainment experiences at the best competitive rates in the industry. Our expertise in the creation of memorable events that result in measurable returns. With a drive for perfection, attention to detail and unparalleled planning, we leave nothing to chance and guarantee delivery of an event that makes an unforgettable impression.

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