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The MotG Summer Tour of 2008 has become a legendary street football tour. From conception til completion and everything in between we executed everything. It was a major challenge and the first time the players of MotG toured the USA on this scale. Since this was a great opportunity we partnered up with Dutch Production Company Simpel Media and got MTV Holland onboard to tag along for the last 3 weeks of the tour. This became a 5 episode reality program called Sasha’s Street Challenge where Dutch TMF presentator Sacha Visser trys out for the team with the ambition of becoming a master and getting a chance to play in the final event of the tour in Chicago. The show was broadcasted on Dutch Music station TMF and is frequently in reruns every since 2008. It was a very successful tour. You can check out the episodes below: Sorry its in Dutch Language.

Sacha Street Challenge Teaser with English Subtitles

Sacha Street Challenge All Episodes

Episode 1a – This is the jumpoff, Sacha leaves Amsterdam, arrives in NYC for the first time in his life, short profies of the masters, he meets the players at a park in Manhatten and they check him out to see if its even worth our time and we decide to take him home with us, more…

Episode 1B – Off to dinner, Bronx BBQ, ballin’ in the parking lot with some local dudes. Back to the house and discussed the sleeping arrangements for Sacha. He had to play another game of football in order to get a bed for the night…

Episode 2A – In this episode:
Playtime is over! Its time for Sacha to show us something and get busy if it “really” wants to get some playing time in Chicago. We took him to a court to practice and teach him some things. Bad news… Issy Hitman has to leave the tour, Sacha decides to work on his skills and goes to a court and end up playing 1v1 against a basketball player. The masters return from the gym and gives him his challenges for the day, more..

Episode 2B – In this episode:

Tension in the house about Sacha not cleaning up after himself, Challenges in downtown New York & central park, Hanging out in Harlem, Visit to 5 points, more…

Episode 3A – In this episode:
We visited Astoria and played against NYC… sacha got his first real chance to show us his potential. Challenge back at the house and he gets revenge WINS against Lenny MacNack!! Lenny Netteb travels to California for a tryout with a professional club…

Episode 3B – In this episode:
We visited the Statue of Liberty, attended the Showdown in Chinatown and played before the benefit game organized by Steve Nash and Claudio Reyna Foundation.. Henry came to meet us “personally”!! Visited Jay-Z’s studio and something interesting happens, more..

Episode 4A – In this episode:
Rematch pickup game against NYC… they say they got better players this time… whatever? Went to Harlem to visit our man Denny Moe and his charity event. BBQ at Jones Beach and things get a bit heated, more…

Episode 4B – In this episode:
Sacha gets punished for slacking and having a big mouth! We travel to New Jersey and pay a visit to SoccerCenters. We travel to Chicago. Check out the city and visit the Taste… best time in the world to come to Chicago 4th of JULY, fireworks over Lake Michigan!!!

Episode 5A – In this episode:
We go to the Chicago indoor facility to see where the tournament will be held, get briefed on the dangers in Chicago with gang bangers… Played our first matches in the final tournament, Sacha is not serious… forgets his shoes in NYC????? How can you forget your shoes???

Episode 5B – In this episode:

Final matches and the championship in Chicago… check it out to see what happened. GREAT TOUR! Thanks to everyone that supported us!

Photo Gallery
During the tour we did so many other things that were not captured in the TV program. Below are some photos of other things we did and places we visited.

November 16th 2009