Events » Petike (Hungary) – Winner of The Samsung MotG FWC 2011

Congratulations to Petike from Hungary on winning The Samsung MotG Freestyle World Championships 2011. This was our first time organizing this event in the Middle East and it was DOPE! He has the title and is going home with a check for €5000 and the title. We would like to also thank Sean (France) as runner up. He went home with a SUPER Sized 40″ LED Flat screen TV from Samsung. We still don’t know how he will take it on the plane as carry on luggage???? Big shouts out also to Rene (Germany), third runner up.

We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that has supported this event, the process, the movement and anything else connected to us making this happen. We would like to send out a special thanks to Samsung for backing and believing in us with this project. We would like to thank all the freestylers that participated and went into their own pockets and traveled to Abu Dhabi to be a part of the event R.E.S.P.E.C.T! This was the first time in the UAE. We had a lot of challenges putting this together but what is important is that it was a big success ask anyone that attended. Even with the small crowd due to the bad weather (sand storm), it didnt matter. It was a GREAT event and everyone is satisfied. Will be continued… stay tuned.

On the first day we did a qualification / ranking round. It was the perfect opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and for us to create a ranking for the final battles that were held on the 2nd day. Below are the results of the ranking from jury members Mr. Woo & John Farnworth.

Ranking from Qualificaiton Round
1 Yoshi (Japan)
2 Tokura (Japan)
3 Yorok (Egypt)
4 Nam The Man (Vietnam)
5 Petike (Hungary)
6 Yosuke Yokota (Japan)
7 Rene (Germany)
8 Andrey Voronin (Russia)
9 Séan (France)
10 Ammar Freez Fsa (UAE)
11 Otman Djedidi (Morocco)
12 Mohamed Sa’adeh (UAE)
13 Tufcso (Slovakia)
14 Bencok (Belgium)
15 DKP (Vietnam)
16 Andréas (France)
17 Besil (UAE)
18 Abudullah Agami (UAE)
19 Wass (France/Algérie)
20 Nadir (Switzerland)
21 Ali Alsagabi (Kuwait)
22 Bilal Bairakdar (UAE)
23 Mustafa loco (UAE)
24 Wahab (Kuwait)

On day two we started out with a battle royal. No need to go into a lot of details. You can see the results below.

March 6th 2011