News » Street Kings | MotG Tour – Surinam

Street Kings are on tour in Paramaribo, Surinam from 5-14 July together for a project with MotG. They are traveling with the original legends of street football from Amsterdam. Its been a while since there was a tour like this. Too bad that Issy Hitman and Gala was not be able to make this tour but everyone else will be present. Below is an overview of the planning. Our partners at DBL Films will be tagging along to film the whole tour. Stay tuned for more details..

Players: Edward van Gils, Jermaine Vanenburg, Orry, Djuric, Lenny MacNack, Leandro, Pascal Doest

Locations & Schedule:
7 July Parbo Bier Demo Event @ Hermitage Mall outside of McDonalds
7 July New Amsterdam/MotG vs World Championship Military Team from Suriname @ AK Stadium
8 July 2 KLM Street Events @ Giearsfleit & New Amsterdam (Comewijnen)
9 July Best of the Best @ NIS Sporthall, Paramaribo, Surinam
10 July MotG vs Surinam Allstars @ NIS Sporthall, Paramaribo
11 July Agis New Amsterdam Football Clinic @ Oase, Paramaribo
12 July New Amsterdam/MotG vs Nox @ Assed Stadion
13 July New Amsterdam/MotG vs Robin Hood @ Robin Hood Staduim

July 12th 2011