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Wassim Benslimane aka Wass is a 22 year old French/Algerian living in Paris, France. He is part of the Street Style Society S3 crew.

In The Freestyle DVDs of: Komball, Freestyle Football, Styllball (coming soon)

World Guinness Record of the “Globe Tricks” (34 in 1 minute)

France3, Game One, MTV, Cap 24, La Locale, Nrj12, Arte And Television

Did shows and performances for:
Brands: Adidas, Coca Cola, Redbull, Optic 2000, Airness, Komball, Nike

Sporting Events:
Half-time football match of France, Lituania, Cameroun Guinea, big basket ball events, international football and futsal tournaments, handball european championship, shows and clinics for the euro 2008 in Switzerland

Night Clubs, Private Parties, Birthdays, Barmitsva, Breakdance Events, was on the jury of The Redbull Street Style in Dubai

Inaugurations: stores, stadiums, Performed at the biggest rap concert in France: Urban Peace 2, and in the music videoclip of Sinik, one of the biggest rappers in France.

Wass promo clips:


on news tv:

Reportage France 3 Clermont Ferrand diffusée le 10/01/2009
Ge√ºpload door wassfreestyle. – Bekijk nu nog meer sport en extreme sport video’s.

December 15th 2010